My books are available in both paperback and Kindle formats.

My Kindle ebooks are £1 each and for Amazon Prime customers, they are available as a 'FREE Borrow' in the Kindle Owners Lending Library.

Early Memory (EM1)     

ISBN: 978-1478321361

Retail Price: £5

Mike Harley returned home to a message and a problem.  Two men were stalking him and as he escaped capture, he witnessed a murder committed by them.  Events leads him into the path of a crime lord, a corrupt detective and the mysterious Midnight, who had a hidden past.  Survival became the name of the game in a trail of deceit.

Game Of Justice

ISBN: 978-1478326977        

Retail Price: £5               TOP 10 - Kindle Sci-Fic charts (UK) DEC 2011

Britain, in the year 2027, is under military rule by a hard line Animals' Rights organisation.  Military Crimes Officer Carl Treyer, on an investigation into a man's death, discovers a trail of murder that leads to a top ranking official.  In trying to bring the perpetrator to justice, his life is placed in jeopardy.  However, intervention from an unexpected source is the catalyst which may blow the whole case wide open, forcing a battle for survival.

Farrow's Legacy (EM2)

ISBN: 978-1478317654

Retail Price: £5

Three suicides after each committed a murder led to an investigation that linked them to a mysterious musical box and an awakening of old hostilities.  As the truth gets uncovered behind Farrow's legacy, survival becomes the key in a battle of life or death for redemption.
Virgin Quest

ISBN: 978-1505915181

Retail Price: £5

Tom Webber was ready for the race of a lifetime - the Virgin Quest, where moral values is the key to winning the heart of a decent woman.  Finding love, hampered by lustful temptations and the chaotic obstacles that threaten to de-rail the whole Virgin Quest race.  Can Tom win through in this satire on the romance game with a touch of mystery?