I enrolled in a home based Creative Writing course with The Writers' Bureau and, after completing an NVQ Accountancy course at Queen Elizabeth's Training College for the Disabled in Leatherhead without any real problems, made a good enough recovery to return back to work part time.  In 2004, whilst I was living up north for a few years, I enrolled onto a classroom based Creative Writing course run by Derbyshire County Council and tutored by Derek M Fox, an established published author.  Very quickly, I learnt a lot about where I had gone wrong with my previous writing.  Using my new found knowledge, I took the decision to rewrite from scratch all the short stories, articles and the one completed novel that I had previously done with The Writers Bureau.  I successfully attained Level One and Two writing qualifications in Creative Writing and in the process, started on another book, entitled 'Early Memory', which became my first published book.

Away from writing, I enjoy watching movies/sports, reading, travel, listening to music and playing bingo.  I had done some temporary work as a Creative Writing Tutor for Hampshire County Council.  I have lived on the south coast of England for over 30 years now and is presently working part time in the REAL world.


Ovingdean Hall School - Spring 2006 Newsletter
The Menieres Society - Spring 2006 issue of 'Spin' magazine
Hearing Concern - Spring 2006 magazine
Hampshire Deaf Association - November 2007 Newsletter
Portsmouth City Council Libraries Website 'The Book Case' - Author Profile
TV Interview for deaf programme WICKED (Summer 2009) 
Heidi's Pick 6 (Jan 2012) - http://heidirubymiller.blogspot.com/2012/01/heidis-pick-six-mark-radford-1.html
Other Accomplishments

May 2005 - An article 'Literary Lives In Hampshire' was Highly Reccommended in a contest.
Jun 2005 - Open College Network qualifications gained at Level 1 & 2 for Creative Writing.
Aug 2006 - Certificate of Commendation awarded by The Writers' Bureau.
Jan 2007 - A poem 'Oppressing The Signs' won the Independant Authors website monthly Poetry Competition.
Apr 2007 - An article 'Independant Attitudes' was published in The Self Publishing Magazine.
Jun 2007 - A short Story 'The Golden Shot' included in a collection titled 'Perceiving British Culture Through The Might Of Words' published by the Balti State University 'Alecu Russo' in Moldova for academic use in the English Reading Comprehension classes.
Jul 2009 - First TV interview for deaf programme 'Wicked'.
Apr 2015 - First overseas book signing session - DeafNation Expo, Pittsburgh, USA.

The onslaught of the real academic pursuits as I approached my teenage years meant that my childhood dreams of writing stories faded into the background and became dormant.  I then entered the world of work in the administration/accountancy sector, until I was struck by a life changing event.
In mid 1998, I suffered a severe period of ill health that caused me to lose my job on medical grounds.  I underwent a number of hospital tests, including head scans, to find out why I was having regular episodes of losing my balance.  It was later diagnosed as Menieres.  Whilst in my recovery period, and being housebound, I needed something to occupy my mind; salvation was found when my writing dream was revived.