​The majority of those who seek to become an author NEVER get that book done, either because they gave up too easily on the tough journey, or because they do not have enough faith in their ability to achieve their dreams.  In 30 years time, they may say, 'If Only...' and reflect on what could have been.  Thankfully, I am more of a positive person, who believed that it was my destiny.  I already have ideas for other books, all written down on paper, waiting to see the light of day!
I write a range of genres and over the coming years hope to continue my quest in gaining a wider readership for my works.  I also hope that you as my audience will share in my future successes, and for this union between author and reader to be a fruitful rewarding partnership.  So sit back, enjoy and HAPPY READING!
Ever since I was a child, I wanted to write stories.  I am thankful to my school, Ovingdean Hall in Brighton, where I was encouraged to do so.  There I had the opportunity to write and read aloud my stories, whether it was to my class or to the whole school in general, and pursue the goal of what I wanted to be 'When I grew up'.

After a long journey of torture and self doubt, and wondering whether I would make the grade as a published writer or to suffer the rejection of publishers/agents and magazine editors, that goal had now been realised.  My perseverance, and the hard work I put in studying various Creative Writing courses to master my craft, allowed me eventually to succeed, with the publication of my debut book 'Early Memory' (a crime thriller) by an American Publisher in January 2006.  The general feedback and sales of the book had been very positive, to the point that I have continued as 'An Author' with the release of other books.

I really liked this novel from beginning to end.  The author presented believable characters in strange situations, with strong writing that moved the story along at a very fast pace.  This is a very entertaining novel that was a delightful read by a very talented author.

The Midwest Book Review USA  for 'Early Memory'


...this novel gets right to the action.  There's no wasted time or space here.  Radford's writing style is not only brief, but very direct, with character motivations clearly manifested for the reader.

MyShelf.com USA  for 'Game Of Justice'


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